Recent Published Papers:
  1. BulletInnovations in Federal Statistics: Combining Data Sources While Protecting Privacy, 2017

  2. BulletMacroeconomics and On-Line Prices, LACEA’s Presidential Address. Economia Panel

  3. BulletCurrency Unions, Product Introductions, and the Real Exchange Rate (with Alberto Cavallo and Brent Neiman), QJE

  4. BulletUnexploited Gains from International Diversification, (with Tatiana Didier and Sergio Schmukler) Review of Economics and Statistics

  5. BulletIn Search of the Black Swan: Analysis of the Statistical Evidence of Electoral Fraud in Venezuela (with Ricardo Hausmann) Statistical Science

Working Papers:

  1. BulletEquilibrium Portfolios and External Adjustment under Incomplete Markets (with Anna Pavlova), July 2008.

  2. BulletThe Distribution of the Size of Price Changes, with Alberto Cavallo

Policy Papers:
  1. Bullet“Oh my GOD! We are doomed! We are recovering!” (pdf) Conference at State Street Bank, Annual Research Retreat, April 15, 2010, Boston

  2. BulletUS Crisis: Don’t Cry For Me America! Conference at MIT ILP Europe,  Vienna, March 2009

  3. BulletDistribution  of   Inflation  Impact:  The  Recent  Experience  in  Central  America  and  Mexico December 2008

  4. BulletDealing with Expropriations: General Guidelines for Oil Production Contracts January 2008