1. BulletIdentification Through Heteroskedasticity.

  2. BulletBias from Censored Regressors, (with Tom Stoker)

  3. BulletEstimation with Censored Regressors: Basic Issues, (with Tom Stoker)

  4. BulletTesting for Bias from Censored Regressors, (with Tom Stoker)

  5. BulletSet Identification with Tobin Regressors, (with Victor Chernozhukov and Tom Stoker)

  6. BulletIn Search of the Black Swan: Analysis of the Statistical Evidence of Electoral Fraud in Venezuela (with Ricardo Hausmann) Statistical Science, Forthcoming

Comments and Book Reviews:

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  1. BulletNo Contagion, Only Interdependence: Measuring Stock Market Co-movements, (with Kristin Forbes)

  2. BulletContagion: How to measure it?

  3. BulletPrincipal Components as a Measure of Systemic Risk, (with Mark Kritzman, Yuanzhen Li, and Sebastien Page)

  4. BulletCurrency crises and contagion: An introduction, (with Sebastian Edwards)

  5. BulletContagion in Latin America: Definitions, Measurement, and Policy Implications, (with Kristin Forbes)

  6. BulletNew Empirical Methods in Contagion: Which Ones Work, Which Ones Don’t?

  7. BulletInternational Financial Contagion: Theory and Evidence in Evolution

  8. BulletMeasuring Contagion: Conceptual and Empirical Issues, (with Kristin Forbes)

  9. BulletFinancial Contagion in Emerging Markets, (with Eduardo Fernandez)

Development Economics

  1. BulletRule of Law, Democracy, Openness, and Income: Estimating the Interrelationships, (with Dani Rodrik)

  2. BulletDisinflation and Fiscal Reform: A Neoclassical Perspective

  3. BulletDealing with Expropriations: General Guidelines for Oil Production Contracts

  4. BulletAn alternative interpretation of the 'resource curse': Theory and policy implications, (with Ricardo Hausmann)

  5. BulletResource Curse or Debt Overhang?, (with Osmel Manzano)

  6. BulletGas subsidy in Venezuela: Its distributional impact

  7. BulletAn Optimal Spending Rule Facing Oil Income Uncertainty, (Venezuela) (with Ricardo Hausmann and Andrew Powell)

  8. BulletGovernment Spending and Income Distribution in Latin America, (with Ricardo Hausmann)

  9. BulletA stabilization program for Venezuela: An analysis, (with J.C. Navarro)

  10. BulletFinancial regulatory system in Venezuel,a (with Ricardo Hausmann and Carlos Jaramillo)


Micro Pricing

  1. BulletMacroeconomics and On-Line Prices, LACEA’s Presidential Address. Economia Panel

  2. BulletCurrency Unions, Product Introductions, and the Real Exchange Rate (with Alberto Cavallo and Brent Neiman), 2013

  3. BulletSticky Borders, (with Gita Gopinath)

  4. BulletCurrency Choice and Exchange Rate Pass-through, (with Gita Gopinath and Oleg Itskhoki)

  5. BulletThe Distribution of the Size of Price Changes (with Alberto Cavallo)