PROMISE and Measurement

1.- PROMISE and Measurement

Pre-work (Before class)

a.- PROMISE.1: Introduction: Link (22min)

b.- Complete Values Survey: Link

c.- PROMISE.2: Conflict in PROMISE: Link (16min)

d.- ESG Machine Game: Link

e.- PROMISE.3: Why Measurement? Link (17min)

2.- PROMISE and Measurement (part 2)

 Videos for after the class discussion.

a.- PROMISE.4: Aggregate Confusion Project: Link (23min)

b.- PROMISE.5: Aggregate Confusion: Ethics and Sources: Link (15min)

c.- PROMISE.6: Way Forward with Measurement: Link (11min)

d.- PROMISE.7: Example: Link (8min)

3.- Measurement 

 Videos for my measurement clases.

a.- Meas.1: Challenges of Measurement: Link (16min)

b.- Meas.2: Organic versus Designed Data: Link (15min)

c.- Meas.3: Billion Prices Project: Link (11min)

d.- Meas.4: Aggregate Confusion Project: Link (8min)

e.- Meas.5: A way Forward: Link (8min)

F.- Meas.6: Measuring Treatment of Women in the Labor Force: Link (8min)