Dance Dance Revolution resources for the MIT community

Matt McCutchen

I'm a big fan of the game of Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and its clones (including StepMania and In The Groove) because they fully engage me both mentally and physically, and I'm eager to share this thrill with others. I'm maintaining this directory of resources as a service to fans in the MIT community; please email me any updates. I'm happy to help with any question you might have about DDR, etc., though you may get faster results by searching the web or directly asking the most relevant online forum. (I'm using the term DDR where the differences among the games are not relevant.)

The mailing list may be used for announcements and discussion related to DDR at MIT, and I use it to announce some of the things on this page. (It was originally used for a series of StepMania sessions at CSAIL, hence the name; I may rename it at some point.) You can manage your subscription and view the list archives via the web interface.

StepManiaX machine and group sessions

A StepManiaX machine is now available for self service in the Pritchett Cafe, and occasional group sessions are hosted at this machine. See this page for full information about these two offerings.

Other dance pads

I am on leave and away from MIT, and my hard dance pad is with me, so it isn't available at this time; I hope the StepManiaX machine satisfies all use cases that my hard dance pad would have. Tony Wang is currently storing 2 soft dance pads owned by the CSAIL Student Committee and another 5 soft dance pads owned by me (though not all of them work); I don't know how long he will be able to continue storing them. If you think you may want to use some of the soft dance pads now or in the future, please let me know ASAP so I can try to arrange for their continued storage at MIT.