Current Members!

In no particular order...

Noah Arbesfeld
Noah is happy because the flood didn't come this year.
Zach Barryte
Zach loves fingerless gloves, hats, and hates trees.
Stephen Johnson
Stephen could tell you the government's secrets, but then he'd have to kill you.
Liz Morant
Liz is as cool as Anakin's bronze robot friend.
Jack Wanderman
Jack has connections.
Sketchy connections.
He schedules his layovers to be less than 5 minutes.
Emma Frank
Emma is often confused by her surroundings.
Hannah Pelton
Hannah has the highest butros to inches ratio yet.
Brian Basham
Are we supposed to ask questions?
Jason P-R
Jason is constantly amazed by Hive Mind.
Heath "Sleeves" Moore
Heath is not available right now. Please hang up and try your call again.
Sam Simmons
Sam once wrestled an alligator, but he thought it was a crocodile.
Max Mann
Max doesn't believe in cars.


Ben Park
Ben's middle name is "Walk
in the"
Matt Cibbo
I am the Cibbo tremble in fear
Jessica Bainbridge-Smith
Jessica is known as B.S., which stands for
Bodacious Salacious.
David Brescia
Are you guys talking about sharks?
Ryan Foote
Four... point... twenty-one... jigawatts...
Paul Hlebowitsh
Ally Berke
The only thing worse than finding half a worm in your apple is finding no worm at all.
Ben Balas
Ben was Boutros-Boutros Dictator of RKB at some point either before or after "The Matrix" came out.
Jeff Klann
It's funny 'cause it's true.
Jofish Kaye
Jofish looks back with fondness on his halcyon college days, which Wikipedia tells him is some sort of wet bird.
Daniel Katz
Dan is a suspected axe murderer.
Get it?
Get it???
Elena Glassman
Elena is still wrestling her way through MIT.
Josh Glazer
257 Mosquito Bites.
Mathieu Chaize
Mathieu still does improv, but prefers it in French.