Past Shows!

Roadkill Buffet has been around for a very long time. In that amount of time, we have created a lot of show posters. Now, revealed to the world for the first time, behold the Official Roadkill Buffet Show Poster Archive!

Click on the small icons to bask in the full glory of the Official Roadkill Buffet Show Poster Archive!


Neutrinos The " Are Fast" Show
Free Place to Sit for One Hour
The "Finals are for Narwhals" Show
Barney Barney Pornography
The "Jello is Nothing More than a Congealed Weapon" Show
The Splash Zone Show
Don't sit in the front row or you could be soaked.
The "Rick Astley demanded my Pixar movies but I'm never gonna give him Up" Show


The "You Paid $50,000 for This?!" Show
The "We Make Up More Stuff than the Tech" Show
The NEW New Mandatory Dining Plan: Roadkill Buffet
The "Soup: Friend or Pho?" Show
Improvisational Wisdom
The CPW Show
Guess Who's Buried Under Building 10
The "More Rings than a Three Ring Circus and More Awesome than Anything with More Rings" Show


The "She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea" Show
The Paraskevidekatriaphobia Recovery Show
The funny is a good luck charm. We promise.
The Let it Show Let it Show Let it Show Show
It's not like you'll be studying or anything
The "Melt Us Down and Put Us in Your Ring!" Show
The Y2.01K Show
The best show of the decade so far
The CPW Show
More fun than a dry party
The Campaign for Improv Show


The "You Can See Russia from Our Show" Show"
The Magic Bullet Show
Free improv comedy from the grassy knoll!
The Last Day of Classes Show
The Beginning of the End
The "A Priest, a Rabbi, and a _______ Walk into a Bar" Show
The "Surprise, It's March!" Show
The CPW Show
The Revenge of Deepa
The Palindrome Show:
Oh's Emord? Nil ape ht!

There can only be fun.


The CPW Show
John from Beauty and the Geek
Oh yeah. He'll be there.
The IAP Show
Vote for Hillary.
The IAP Show
Vote for Obama.


The Get Lucky Show
The Naked Baby Army Show
Back to the Funny Part III

Moldy Posters

Aunt Petunia Has Done It Again
Watch Roadkill Buffet cheer up poor Harry.
My Daddy Can Beat Up Your Daddy
College is for Lovers
Ho Combinatorics
The Finals Solution
Someone thought this was in good taste...
Who is Roadkill Buffet?
The Welcome to College Show
The Rock-Paper-Anything show!
The "19.001: The 2007 Brass Rat Complainers Seminar" Show
Bunnies with Chainsaws
Cats in Your Junk
Janitors of the Future Show
Head in a Bucket Show
Midgets and Other Signs of the Apocalypse
The Schoolyard Brawl Show
The IAP Show is Brought to you by the Letter...