To develop a suite of low cost, image-guided, patient-friendly electromechanical tools that enable more accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The Need

Many image-guided interventional medical procedures suffer from a common challenge – while current imaging technology enables precise location of targets, they cannot yet be precisely targeted. This is due to the inability of a human operator to manually transfer coordinates from the imaging display to the patient and control instruments with the same precision as is available from the medical images. Example procedures include biopsies, tissue ablations, fluid drainages and targeted drug-delivery.

Our Solution

The first system we have developed, Robopsy, will help interventional radiologists perform soft tissue probe insertions with greater speed and accuracy and reduced complications and physician strain. The device is a small, patent-pending, lightweight, inexpensive, disposable, radiolucent, telerobotic tool which adheres directly to a patient inside the CT bore. Guided by the radiologist in the control room, it remotely grips, orients and inserts a standard biopsy needle, or other probe, while permitting simultaneous imaging of the needle location. The entire system is CT scanner independent and portable, packing away into a single case.


For patients:
  • More Precise Interventions
  • Earlier Diagnoses
  • Fewer Complications
For doctors & hospitals:
  • More consistent performance
  • Better imaging equipment utilization
  • Less stressful procedures