MIT Rocket Team Lab Space

The MIT Rocket Team has lab space in the Wright Brother's Wind Tunnel building on the main campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In the last four years the team has focused on fabrication our own composite airframes, and other structures. All team members are given a chance to work with these modern materials whether those structures are for small rockets for members to earn NAR certification or for large rockets for team projects and competitions.

The Rocket Team has built two custom ovens to cure our composites, primarily carbon fiber and fiberglass, and we have a dust room to mitigate the hazards of machining these composites. Among our tools for machining parts including a drill press, sanders, grinders, and a band saw.

We have a dedicated Environmental Health and Safety representative on our team in addition to our USLI project's office Safety Officer. The Lab is officially listed under the MIT Environmental Health and Safety office, and care is taken to ensure proper protocol is followed for the storage and use of all materials. Furthermore a set written procedures for the fabrication, and launch of any rocket is followed to ensure the safety of all team members and the general public.