Rocket Overview

The rocket will be 9 feet long, with an inner diameter of 6.16 inches and a fin span of 9 inches. It will be propelled by a single Cessaroni L1395 motor in order to induce fin flutter (possibly replaced by the smaller L1355, if no additional payload is launched). The main payload will be a high-speed camera along with the requisite electronics along with an externally mounted mirror system to allow for simultaneous recording of flutter in all of the fins in the experiments. The three fins used to analyze fin flutter have a span of 5", 6", and 8" respectively. In addition, a 24" by 5.8" ID tube will be available for use in carrying a science experiment built by high schoolers in a local competition. The exact method of deployment will depend on the chosen payload.

The cross section of RockSim model is shown below.