Safety Documents

Safety is a major concern for the MIT Rocket Team and for the NASA University Student Launch Initiative. MIT Rocket Team strives to make safety a top priority above all else, and our safety officer and dedicated Environmental Health and Safety representative make sure our safety procedures go above and beyond what is required by the NASA USLI competition.

Here is the safety agreement that all MIT Rocket Team members working on the USLI signed.

Safety Agreement (PDF, 48 kb)

Here is a list of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for materials we use in the Rocket Lab. These can also be found in the appendix in the Proposal.

Acetone (PDF, 51 kb)
Aeropoxy Hardener (PDF, 63 kb)
Aeropoxy Resin (PDF, 63 kb)
Black Powder (PDF, 70 kb)
Carbon Fiber (DOCX, 34 kb)
Fiberglass (Supplier 1) (PDF, 64 kb)
Fiberglass (Supplier 2) (PDF, 64 kb)
HiLoad-60 (PDF, 142 kb)
Lead (PDF, 50 kb)
Mylar (PDF, 21 kb)
ProX Rocket Motor Reload Kits & Fuel Grains (PDF, 31 kb)
Partall Paste (Release Wax) (PDF, 105 kb)
Polycarbonate (PDF, 40 kb)
Z-Poxy Hardener (PDF, 46 kb)
Z-Poxy Resin (PDF, 42 kb)

Here is the MIT Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) website:

Here are the procedures for personal protective equipment (PPE) while working in the lab, required by law to be posted. All who enter the lab must follow these PPE procedures.

Personal Protective Equipment (DOC, 32 kb)

Posted Location #1: Entrance to Rocket Lab

Posted Location #2: Over the dust room