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The Roles Database

What is the Roles Database?

The Roles Database provides a consistent way to store and maintain access rules for other applications, such as SAP. The associated user front-end application serves as a common tool for users in offices and labs to maintain access rules (authorizations) for their systems. Authorizations are stored in the Roles system's central database; you use the front-end application to display, create, or modify them. Limited read-only access is also available via a Web interface.

The Roles Database does not enforce the access rules that it maintains. It only collects the information and distributes it to the appropriate applications, usually as a nightly data feed. Applications with an interface to the Roles Database interpret the access rules from the Roles Database and enforce them.

View Roles information
in the Web

A Web site for the Roles Database has been developed. Use it for read/only access to some Roles DB information, including SAP Cost Object and Fund Center hierarchies.

Get access to Roles.

To look up authorizations or other information in Roles, use the classic Web interface to the Roles database.

To create or maintain authorizations

  1. Make sure you have Authorizations in the Roles Database that permit you to maintain Authorizations for others. Contact
  2. Use the new web-based application for the Roles Database. (See documentation.)


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