Roles CSG Talk

The Roles Database
at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jim Repa

September 18, 1998

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  1. What does it do?
  2. Creating and disseminating authorizations
  3. Enforcing authorizations
  4. What is an authorization?
  5. Why have a qualifier?
  6. Why not have more than one qualifier per authorization?
  7. Qualifiers fit into hierarchies
  8. Creating and delegating authorizations
  9. Creating auths -- examples
  10. Where are we today?

What does it do?

Creating and disseminating authorizations

  1. Supporting information is fed nightly from data warehouse to Roles DB

  2. Front-end application is used to create "authorizations" in the Roles Database

  3. Authorization information is converted, and sent to various application

Enforcing authorizations

What is an authorization?

Authorization = Person + Function + Qualifier


Why have a qualifier?

Why not have more than one qualifier per authorization?

Qualifiers fit into hierarchies

Creating and delegating authorizations

Creating auths -- Examples

Where are we today?

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