Getting a username and password
for the Roles Database

Currently, access to the Roles Database requires a special username and password. In the future, the application will be enhanced to accept Kerberos tickets for authentication.

Do I really need a username and password for the Roles Database?

You will need a special username and password only if you need to use the Roles application. However, the Roles web interface may satisfy your needs.

The web interface will be sufficient to do the following:

To use the web interface to look up authorizations for people other than yourself, you will a need special viewing authorization.

The full-fledged Roles application is available for Windows machines and the Macintosh. The application allows you to

Yes, I need to use the Roles application. What do I do?

If you need to maintain SAP authorizations within your department, you should begin by talking to your School or Area Coordinator. You will need to do three things before you can effectively use the application.
  1. Have the appropriate "meta-authorizations" assigned to you that will allow you to create authorizations related to your department. Generally, approval for these meta-authorizations is given by a department's AO or department head. The Business Liaison Team can help with this.
  2. Get a username and password for the Roles database. This will usually be set up for you at the time your meta-authorizations are created. The initial password will be set to something random, but you will be able to set the password yourself using your secure web certificate. Wait until you have been informed that your Roles username is ready, and then set your password by clicking here.
  3. Install the application on your Macintosh or Windows machine. (You can download the application from the web. See the links on Roles home page.)