Crime Data Mining

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Meeting Analysis

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Growing A List
"A New Way to Google" (aired in October 2012): Boston Public Radio
Supervised Ranking
"How to Improve Product Rankings": Businessweek
Energy Grid Maintenance
INFORMS Innovative Analytics Award Semifinal Presentation, October 2012

Image from Award Ceremony

"New York's Exploding Manhole Covers Pose Unexpected Winter Hazard" NY Times (Reuters)

"MIT Sloan Professor's Ranking of Manholes Prioritizes Repairs and Maintenance": Energy Daily, based on this article

"Machine vs. Manhole":
- Science News
- U.S. News and World Report
- WIRED Science
- Slashdot
- Discovery News / Discovery Channel

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"21st-Century Data Miners Meet 19th-Century Electrical Cables" (one of three articles featured on the cover)
IEEE Computer Magazine pdf bib

Quoted in "IPL: City will be safe for the Super Bowl: But fixing manhole problems goes beyond big game," Indianapolis Star, November 22, 2011

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Poets & Quants, Top 40 Under 40

Most Impressive Professors at MIT

Photo credit: Russell Gienapp, taking during filming of "Mapping the Future. The Power of Algorithms." Photo taken in computer lab of Cambridge Police Department.