About me

Hi, I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the IEOR department at Columbia University, where I have the pleasure of working with Vineet Goyal. Previously, I did a PhD in Operations Research at MIT, where I had the privilege of being advised by James B. Orlin and Andreas S. Schulz.

My research revolves around the design of provably good and practical algorithms for optimization under uncertainty, with a recent focus on problems in revenue management.

After joining MIT, I spent a summer at IBM Research, Zurich, where I worked on algorithms for their train scheduling and re-scheduling project for European railways. Prior to joining MIT I spent an year at WorldQuant LLC in Mumbai, India working as a Quantitative Researcher. Before that I was an undergraduate at IIT Bombay, where I did a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.

I am on the OR/OM academic job market this year! [CV]

Publications & Preprints (in reverse chronological order)

[J]= Journal/Full version of paper, [C]= Conference/Preliminary version
Also on Google Scholar.

Online Matching with Stochastic Rewards: Optimal Competitive Ratio via Path Based Formulation with Vineet Goyal.
[J] Pending submission.

Online Assortment Optimization with Reusable Resources with Xiao-Yue Gong, Vineet Goyal, Garud Iyengar, David Simchi-Levi and Shuangyu Wang.
[J] Under revision (Management Science).

Robust Appointment Scheduling with Heterogeneous Costs with Andreas S. Schulz.
[J] Full version pending submission.
[C] In proceedings of APPROX 2019.

Multi-Objective Maximization of Monotone Submodular Functions with Cardinality Constraint .
[J] Under review.
[C] In proceedings of NeurIPS 2018.

Robust Monotone Submodular Function Maximization with James B. Orlin and Andreas S. Schulz.
[J] In Mathematical Programming 172.1-2 (2018): 505-537.
[C] In proceedings of Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (IPCO) 2016.
Finalist in INFORMS George Nicholson Student Paper Competition 2016.

Distributed Single Source Reachability with Mohsen Ghaffari.
[C] In the proceedings of ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC) 2015.

Call Admission Control for Real-Time Applications in Wireless Networks with Siddhanth Agarwal and Prasanna Chaporkar.
[C] In the proceedings of International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM) 2013.

Teaching Experience

I was a TA for the course 15.053: Optimization Methods in Business Analytics in Spring 2016 and Spring 2017. This is an undergraduate level course, taught by Prof. James B. Orlin.

I also completed the Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program at MIT.

Email: r followed by udwani@alum.mit.edu

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