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What is Casino Rueda?

Casino rueda is a Cuban salsa dance, involving multiple partners. Couples dance in a circle, constantly passing partners while performing specific moves, designated by the rueda caller.

The MIT Casino Rueda Group

What is the MIT Casino Rueda Group?

We are the only salsa rueda group at MIT and one of the top performing rueda groups in Boston. We have a high reputation in the Boston area and local cities as one of the premiere salsa rueda groups in Boston.

What does the Rueda Group do?

We perform yearly at MIT and local area functions, clubs, and parties. We also teach salsa and rueda to MIT students and the general Boston public. We hold three-hour workshops every month, which provide an intense dancing experience for learning participants.

Casino Rueda Performance

How can I join? I want to learn!

If you would like to learn salsa rueda, would like to improve, and/or would like to join our group please visit our website or email for more information.
Casino Rueda Performing Members

To join the group, we generally recruit at our monthly workshops. During this time, we simply assess your dancing ability, fit with the group, style, and learning speed. Although most members have a basic salsa background, candidates do not have to have experience to join the group. Please let us know if you are interested!

Remember, no experience necessary, no partner necessary, no dance attire necessary! Just bring your love for dance and a willingness to learn!


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