Word from the Chairman


Wishing you a warm MIT Russian Club welcome.

It is my pleasure and privilege to drive the club's mission and strategy. We are thrilled to support the MIT community's interests in our cultures, technologies, and businesses.

Last year, we accomplished a great deal. We offered up to 20 cultural, social and business events being harshly limited with our resources. The introduction of our new activities enabled us to engage both the Russian-speaking and English-speaking communities thus bringing more to our members. Our efforts also garnered us praise and recognition from the MIT leaders.

This year, we go further and launching a series of initiatives aimed at tapping into the growing opportunity that tech innovation represents at MIT and in our home countries.

We did a lot last year. We do a lot now. We will do even more with your help and support. We look forward to joining with you and making this the best year yet.


Sergey A. Nikolenko

Chairman and CEO, 2010-2011

Word from the President


Let me welcome you to our club and outline for you some of the initiatives we are undertaking this year.

My main focus is to strengthen the internal capacity of the club and support events for the local MIT community. My particular objectives of the year are to preserve the growth of our cultural initiatives and deliver awareness about our activities to a wide MIT community. The club facilitates our officers' work with top talents and performers, guest speakers and visitors as well as with students and faculty.

In order to achieve the club's mission of bridging cultures, technologies, businesses, and societies, we are focusing on refining our website. We want to make this portal accessible and helpful across borders.

We are happy to do more and we enjoy doing better. Your encouragement, engagement, and support make it easier for us to pursue our mission. Join our conversations and our team. Our club is only better with your ideas, talents, and contributions.



Evgeny Markhasin

President, 2010-2011