As a student body, the MIT Russian Club is funded primarily by MIT. The high quality and wide acknowledgement of our activities has made it possible for us to apply and compete for grants from common sources within the institution. Yet, because funding from MIT does not cover all expenses associated with our activities, we supplement our funding with robust fundraising efforts.

MIT has embarked upon a year-long commemoration of its 150th anniversary that will end in 2011 with the celebration. This special year inspires us to work even harder to live up to the ideals of this special academic community. We plan to contribute to this commemoration in full force by organizing several dozen events for a student population of over 10,000 and a faculty population of 1,000 representing over 100 countries.

Our activities are funded by donations of all amounts. We are grateful for every contribution as it is the primary source of funding for our activities. In order to prepare for our continued growth we offer, for your consideration, two more options.


Please contact us if you wish to support a particular activity such as our Classical Music Concert Series, Movie Nights, Guitar Nights or Poetry Nights. We publicly thank our patrons on our website as well as on the MIT website. We also mention our patrons on our posters and direct mailing related to the events they are supporting unless our patrons express to us a desire to remain unnamed.

Donating to the Club

Our club account is now set up to accept individual and institutional donations, which are all tax deductible due to MIT's 501(c) status. We acknowledge the generosity of our donors on the MIT website as well as on specific event programs that they support unless they express a desire to remain unnamed. Our Advisory Board members, club officers, and volunteers do not receive payments for their services. All donations go to support our events and programs.

If you wish to support the club, you can do so through the centralized Giving to MIT service, which accepts all major payment methods, including checks, credit cards (over mail, phone and secure web server) and bank wire transfer.

- checks

Please make a check payable to "MIT Russian Club," put #2721179 in the memo field and mail the check to

MIT Annual Fund
600 Memorial Drive, W98-200
Cambridge, MA 02139

- donate online using credit/debit card

Please use the button below to make an online donation. You will need to provide donation designation and amount, your contact information and credit/debit card information (corresponding areas are marked with green rectangles in the sample file). Please check that the donation is designated to "Russian Club (2721179)" as shown in the red rectangle in the sample file. If not, please use the search box on the left (highlighted with blue rectangle in the same file) to add "Russian Club" as the recipient of your donation.

- wire transfer and other options

Please follow the instructions provided on the MIT Giving web site.

Please note:

Whichever method you prefer, please make sure to designate "MIT Russian Club," account #2721179 as the recipient of your donation.

Please take a moment to check if your company provides matching donations. If so, please follow the instructions provided.