Over the years, the MIT community has seen the appearance of several Russian-based clubs. These clubs surfaced as a place for students to escape the rigors of academic life and to socialize through the mutual interests in all things Russian. Motivated by a similar aim, the MIT Russian Connection / MIT Russian Club was created in 2007 as a venue for students to come together and socialize. Since then, the club has been evolving from a group focused on just socializing to a conduit for exhibiting and sharing great expressions of Russian-speaking cultures. The club has also transformed into a vehicle for connecting the MIT community to promising business opportunities in Russian-speaking countries.

In 2007-2008, eleven MIT students came together with the goal of uniting the Russian-speaking members of the MIT community. They organized fun, social events that enabled like-minded people to share similar traditions and interests. The group had the additional goal of assisting MIT students who were interested in pursuing a career in Russia. In 2007-2008, they organized the first four social events.

2008-2009 was a pivotal year for the club when eight of the eleven officers either graduated from or left the MIT community. The three remaining members faced the great challenge of maintaining the rigorous academic pace that MIT is so well known for while keeping the club functioning with so little human resource. In spite of these obstacles, the three remaining officers managed to keep the club viable. The MIT Russian Club owes a debt of gratitude to these three officers who kept the club afloat during that year.


In 2009-2010, the club began to grow and focus on developing its brand. The now five officers initiated one of the club's flagship projects known as the MIT Russian Club Cultural Initiatives. With these projects, the club shifted the focus of its activities from the primarily Russian-speaking community to broader audience to attract interest of the large and diverse MIT community. That strategy created a loyal and supportive member base. It also garnered the attention of business leaders and the recognition of MIT officials, which led to the club's distinct privilege of holding its Classical Music Concert Series at MIT's Killian Hall. This visibility by MIT officials made it also possible for the club to participate in notable academic and business projects within MIT. The number of events has tripled compared to the year of 2008-2009.

In 2010-2011, the club continues to develop its relationships, grow its reputation, and respond to the needs and interests of the MIT community. To ensure the club's sustainability and longevity, the organizational structure has been improved; the web site has been enhanced. Also, the club launched new projects and doubled the number of events compared to 2009-2010, which ensured that the club would continue to strengthen its foothold and remain a high value for its members.

Officers 2010-2011

Sergey Nikolenko, MBA, Sloan Fellow 2010
Chairman & CEO
Sergey devises strategy for the club development and manages relationships with partnering organizations and leaders. He establishes business initiatives at the club and supports the cultural initiatives, particularly the Classical Music Concert Series, the Benefit Concert for Blind Students and Total Dictation.

Evgeny Markhasin, PhD Candidate
Evgeny is responsible for the club's day-to-day management and for its cultural initiatives. He works with the Classical Music Concert Series, MIT community outreach, and the Benefit Concert for Blind Students.

Elena O. Luchkina, Master in Finance Candidate
MIT100K and Universities Outreach, Total Dictation

Maksim Imakaev, PhD Candidate
Social Events

Maksym Serbyn, PhD Candidate
Movie Series

Marina Khankalaeva
Classical Music Concert Series

Irina Kantor, Undergaduate
Classical Music Concert Series, Benefit Concert for Blind Students

Ivan Borsenco, Undergaduate
Social Events

Maria Kulikova, Undergaduate
Movie Series

Dmitry Volja, Postdoctoral Associate
Social Events, Total Dictation

Events 2010-2011

Sep 30: Classical Music Concert Series: Musical Journey from Baroque to Contemporary
Oct 15: Russian Movie Night
Oct 24: Classical Music Concert Series. Do You Speak Music?
Nov 04: Guitar Night
Nov 05: Russian Movie Night
Nov 10: Rusnano Conference at MIT Sloan
Nov 10: Rusnano Reception for Winners of Entrepreneurial Contests
Nov 11: Emerging Technologies, Roundtable at McDermott, Will & Emery
Nov 11: MIT Innovation Ecosystem Tour
Nov 11: Lunch-n-Pitch at MIT Faculty Club for Entrepreneurs from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia
Nov 11: Cambridge Innovation Center Meeting
Nov 12: MIT Technology & Licensing Office Meeting
Nov 12: Guitar Night
Dec 03: Russian Poetry Night
Dec 14: Classical Music Concert Series
Feb 12: St. Valentine's Concert
Mar 04: Maslenitsa: Russian pancakes, movie, socializing
Mar 08: International Women's Day Concert
Mar 14: Careers in Russia for Scientists and Business Grads. Meeting with Deputy Director of ROSATOM.
Mar 18: Poetry Night. Joseph Brodsky. Story by Diana Vinkovetsky
Mar 29: Russian Movie Night
Apr 06: Russian Folk Puppet Show
Apr 12: Cosmonauts Day Conference
Apr 25 - Apr 27: First Russian Week at MIT. Russian Movie Nights
Apr 29: First Russian Week at MIT. Careers in Russia for Scientists and Business Grads. Meeting with Pro-Rector of MISIS
Apr 30: First Russian Week at MIT. Gagarin 50 & MIT 150 Disco Party
May 01: First Russian Week at MIT. Benefit Concert for Blind Students
May 01: Russia's Day in Boston
May 20: Meeting with ROSNANO at MIT Sloan

Officers 2009-2010

Sergey Nikolenko, MBA, Sloan Fellow 2010
Career Events, Classical Music Concert Series, Benefit Concert for Blind Students, Movie Series, Social Events

Maksim Imakaev, PhD Candidate
Social Events

Evgeny Markhasin, PhD Candidate
Classical Music Concert Series, Benefit Concert for Blind Students, Social Events

Maksym Serbyn, PhD Candidate
Movie Series

Hanna Kuznetsov, Undergaduate

Events 2009-2010

* Meeting with the winners of Russia's entrepreneurial contests
* Hosting the Governor of Permskiy Krai state
* Careers in Russia for Scientists and Business Grads. Meeting with the Governor of Sverdlovskaya Oblast state
* Hosting the delegation of Russian Universities
* Classical Music Concert Series
        November 2009, Mussorgsky
        December 2009, Tchaikovsky
        February 2010, Prokofiev
        March 2010, Shostakovich
* Benefit Concert for Talented Blind Students in Russia
* April 2010
* Guitar Nights
        October 2009, the concert by Kirill Komarov
        November 2009, self performance by club members
* Poetry Night
        February 2010, Marina Tsvetaeva
* Movie Nights
        December 2009, The Cranes Are Flying
        December 2009, Ballad of a Soldier
        February 2010, Soviet and Russian Cartoons
        May 2010, Fate of Man

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