MIT is well known as a place where people study hard. Their daily schedule is famous because of its pressure. At the MIT Russian Club, we make a choice to contribute with our time to MIT diversity. We are proud that we are able to bring our culture together with cultures from over 120 countries for 10,000 students, 1,000 faculty, and 10,000 employees.

In 2009-2010, we worked on establishing the Club's activities and building our brand's recognition. The MIT Russian Club's series of events brought MIT community and leaders attention to our activity. We added English-speaking series of cultural activities to our Russian-speaking social events. All these series of cultural activities are open to broad MIT community and allows people to learn more about our environment.

Our premier cultural events, the Classical Music Concert Series were deservedly held in the MIT Killian Hall in 2009-2010. This year, we are proud to hold this distinguished series in the MIT Chapel, which is unique for clubs at MIT.

We have also developed our social events like Guitar Nights, Poetry Nights, and Movie Nights into series of continues activities, which now involve not just Russian speakers but a wide community at MIT.

If you wish to establish a new activity or series of activities please feel free to contact us.