MIT100K For Russian-Speaking Student Teams

MIT100K is a world-renown university competition of student business plans. This competition attracts world-class entrepreneurs, investors, and potential partners. The Competition consists of three separate contests: Elevator Pitch Contest in fall, Executive Summary Contest in winter, and Business Plan Contest in spring.

This Competition allows participants to become more confident in their business models, receive extensive professional feedback, earn a hands-on experience, and interact with an outstanding network of professionals. Each contest is an opportunity for a team to attract invaluable attention of field experts, as well as a chance to win a cash award. The final prize of the Competition is $100,000 that goes to the winning team, as well as a wealth of opportunities to run your own startup.

We provide student teams with the technical, logistics, and inter-cultural support necessary to compete in these challenging contests. We match non-MIT student teams with MIT students thus meeting the admission requirement of the MIT100K.

In June 2010, we started collaboration with Moscow State University as a pilot project and helped several student teams from Moscow State University to enter the second stage of the MIT$100K competition, the Executive Summary Contest. MSU student teams worked closely with MIT student on executive summaries and registered for the contest.

A Double Defense project of a Russian student team became a Semifinalist of the Executive Summary Contest out of thousands of teams from all around the globe, including MIT and other strong technical universities. Double Defense offers a high-tech cargo security solution capable of detecting whether the cargo was opened during the transportation process with nearly 100% certainty. Low production and high forgery costs make the product unique. This product helps logistics operators, manufacturers, and wholesalers get a competitive advantage by offering a faster and more secure goods delivery service.

We continue improving this collaboration model and look forward to collaboration with other universities. There are more Russian universities and cities to participate this year in the final stage of the MIT$100K competition, the Business Plan Contest.

Contact us for guidelines on entering the contest.