Grand Piano for the MIT Chapel

We are proud to present our Classical Music Concert Series at the MIT Chapel, famous for its acoustics. The MIT Russian Club is the only student-led organization at MIT that has been granted the distinction of being allowed to perform in the Chapel after careful and rigorous revision of our entire previous classical music concerts.

We would like to make a gift of a grand piano to the non-denominational MIT Chapel because such a beautiful instrument fits the inspiring environment of this Chapel. Father Randolph, the Chaplain of the Chapel has given his blessing so we come to you for support.

We have taken the unusual step of asking for your help with a project that is dear to our hearts. Please donate whatever amount you are inspired to give towards this initiative. Your generous contribution will secure your names on the MIT website among generous donators. The significant donation brings you a plate placed on the grand piano for years.

Our successful fundraising effort will ensure that people will be able to enjoy great music on this wonderful grand piano for many years to come. Please join our effort to extend our fundraising campaign.

- checks

Please make a check payable to
"MIT Russian Club #2721179,"
put "Fundraising for a Grand Piano" in the memo field and mail the check to

MIT Annual Fund
600 Memorial Drive, W98-200
Cambridge, MA 02139

- donate online using credit/debit card

Please use the button below to make an online donation. The entire process should take 5-10 minutes. You will be presented with up to 6 pages similar to those in this file and will need to provide donation designation and amount, your contact information and credit/debit card information (corresponding areas are marked with green rectangles in the sample file). Please check that the donation is designated to "Russian Club (2721179)" as shown in the red rectangle in the sample file. If not, please use the search box on the left (highlighted with blue rectangle in the file) to add "Russian Club" as the recipient of your donation.

- wire transfer and other options

Please follow the instructions provided on the MIT Giving web site.

Please note:

Whichever method you prefer, please make sure to designate "MIT Russian Club," account #2721179 as the recipient of your donation.

Please take a moment to check if your company provides matching donations. If so, please follow the instructions provided.

Please send us a message specifying the amount with the subject "Fundraising for a Grand Piano."