What We Do

Our primary function is to showcase the best that our home cultures, languages, and traditions have to offer. We aim to support cultural diversity, social activities, innovation in the technology sector, and entrepreneurship.

We offer dozens of events per year. Our activities are open to the MIT community and to the general public. All events are conducted in English except for some parts of the Poetry Series. This enables us to engage with both the Russian-speaking and English-speaking communities thus adding more value overall. We are passionate about maintaining a high-quality and enjoyable experience for everyone. This commitment is being recognized by the MIT community and its leaders and is being encouraged by our members, sponsors, and donors.

Your engagement and support keep us finding ways to do more. We are excited by the future and the opportunity to continue to partner with you.

Our Initiatives

We establish the club's activities and build MIT Russian Club brand's recognition within entire MIT community. We work hard to bring events that allow us to share our rich, complex, and beautiful culture with the MIT community. As a result, the MIT Russian Club's cultural events brought MIT leaders attention to our activity. Fortunately, such support gave us confidence to work on our new initiatives. We are proud to actively contribute to a process that responds to growing innovation in emerging economies and increases MIT's recognition and respect across the globe.

Hosting Skolkovo Moscow Business School of Management
Lecture by Ronald Heifetz, Kennedy School of Government
Lecture by Robert Langer, Institute Professor at MIT
Hosting Winners of Entrepreneurial Contests
MIT100K for Universities
Classical Music Concert Series
Annual Benefit Concert for Talented Blind Students
Guitar Nights
Movie Nights
Poetry Nights Career Events