The tracking issue for this feature is: #41555

The -Z remap-path-prefix-from, -Z remap-path-prefix-to commandline option pair allows to replace prefixes of any file paths the compiler emits in various places. This is useful for bringing debuginfo paths into a well-known form and for achieving reproducible builds independent of the directory the compiler was executed in. All paths emitted by the compiler are affected, including those in error messages.

In order to map all paths starting with /home/foo/my-project/src to /sources/my-project, one would invoke the compiler as follows:

rustc -Zremap-path-prefix-from="/home/foo/my-project/src" -Zremap-path-prefix-to="/sources/my-project"

Debuginfo for code from the file /home/foo/my-project/src/foo/, for example, would then point debuggers to /sources/my-project/foo/ instead of the original file.

The options can be specified multiple times when multiple prefixes should be mapped:

rustc -Zremap-path-prefix-from="/home/foo/my-project/src" \
      -Zremap-path-prefix-to="/sources/my-project" \
      -Zremap-path-prefix-from="/home/foo/my-project/build-dir" \

When the options are given multiple times, the nth -from will be matched up with the nth -to and they can appear anywhere on the commandline. Mappings specified later on the line will take precedence over earlier ones.