* Program in Polymer Science and Technology
     * MIT Libraries and On-line databases

Computational Resources

     * The Parallel Architecture Research Laboratory (PARL), Clemson University
     * Message Passing Interface (MPI)


     * NIST Chemistry WebBook
     * NIST Standard Reference Data Program
     * ISI Web of Knowledge
     * EngineeringVillage2 (INSPEC, Compendex)
     * CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (3rd el. Ed.)
     * Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook (7th Ed.)
     * Annual Reviews
     * arXiv.org e-Print archive (Cond-Mat, Physics)
     * Thomas Register Online
     * SciQuest product locator
     * Athena software: What Runs Where


     * Sincris Software for Crystallography
     * Computational Chemistry List at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (includes QCPE)
     * Amber home page


     * American Chemical Society and the
Polymer Chemistry Division of ACS
     * American Institute of Chemical Engineers
     * American Physical Society and
APS Division of Polymer Physics
     * Materials Research Society
     * Fiber Society


     * Molecular Simulations, Inc.
     * Tripos
     * Plastics.Com
     * Dow Chemical
     * E.I. DuPont de Nemours
     * General Electric Plastics

Patents, Trademarks, etc.

     * United States Patent and Trademark Office
     * European Patent Office
     * Thomson Derwent

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