Richard Y. Zhang

I am a PhD student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, advised by Prof. Jacob K. White. I am a member of the Computational Prototyping Group (CPG), the Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronics Systems (LEES), and the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE).

Research Interests


  1. R.Y. Zhang, J. Elizondo, J.L. Kirtley, J.K. White, Small-Signal Stability Verification Issues for Transmission Systems with Distributed Renewables. To be presented at PESGM 2016, July 17-21, Boston, MA. [pdf]
  2. R.Y. Zhang, J. Elizondo, J.L. Kirtley, J.K. White, Certifying Microgrid Stability Under Large-Signal Intermittency. To be presented at COMPEL 2016, June 27-30, Trondheim, Norway.
  3. J. Elizondo, R.Y. Zhang, P.-H. Huang, J.K. White, J.L. Kirtley, Inertial and Frequency Response from Microgrids with Induction Motors. To be presented at COMPEL 2016, June 27-30, Trondheim, Norway.
  4. R.Y. Zhang, J.K. White, Parameter Insensitivity in ADMM-Preconditioned Solution of Saddle-Point Problems. Submitted, Feb 5. [arXiv]
  5. R.Y. Zhang, J.K. White, On the Convergence of GMRES-Accelerated ADMM in O(κ1/4 log ε-1) Iterations for Quadratic Objectives. Submitted, Jan 22. [arXiv]
  1. R.Y. Zhang, J.K. White, Toeplitz-Plus-Hankel Matrix Recovery for Green’s Function Computations on General Substrates. Proceedings of the IEEE, vol.103, no.11, pp.1970-1984, Nov. 2015. [pdf]
  2. R.Y. Zhang, A.-T. Avestruz, J.K. White, S.B. Leeb, Design of Resonance Damping via Control Synthesis. Paper presented at COMPEL 2015, Jul 12-15, Vancouver, BC. [pdf]
  3. J. Elizondo, R.Y. Zhang, J.K. White, J.L. Kirtley, Robust Small Signal Stability for Microgrids under Uncertainty. Paper presented at PEDG 2015, Jun 22-25, Aachen, Germany. [pdf]
  4. Y. He, R.Y. Zhang, J.G. Kassakian, An energy-based method for the assessment of battery and ultracapacitor in pulse load applications. Paper presented at APEC 2015, Mar 15-19, Charlotte, NC. (Outstanding Presentation Award) [pdf]
  1. R.Y. Zhang, J.K. White, J.G. Kassakian, Fast simulation of complicated 3D structures above lossy magnetic media. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 50 (10), 7027416, Oct. 2014. [pdf]
  2. C.R. Sullivan, R.Y. Zhang, Analytical model for effects of twisting on litz-wire losses. Paper presented at COMPEL 2014, Jun 22-25, Santander, Spain. [pdf]
  3. R.Y. Zhang, C.R. Sullivan, J.K. White, J.G. Kassakian, Characterization of realistic litz wires using fast simulations. Paper presented at APEC 2014, Mar 16-20, Ft. Worth, TX. (Outstanding Presentation Award) [pdf] [Presentation]
  4. C.R. Sullivan, R.Y. Zhang, Simplified design method for litz wire. Paper presented at APEC 2014, Mar 16-20, Ft. Worth, TX. [pdf]
  1. R.Y. Zhang, A Generalized Approach to Planar Induction Heating Magnetics. S.M. thesis, MIT Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, 2012. [pdf]
  2. J.G. Kassakian, R. Schmalensee et al., The Future of the Electric Grid -- An Interdisciplinary MIT study. Technical report, MIT Energy Initiative, 2011.

Open-Source Software

Please email me if you find a bug in my code. All of the software below are released under the BSD 2-Clause License. Feel free to use the code however you like, but remember that there are no warranties, expressed or implied.

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