Bystander Intervention Workshop - 12/03/2014

Following the It's On Us kickoff, SAFER2 will be hosting a Bystander Intervention workshop where you can learn about what consent is, when it has not or cannot be given, and how to safely intervene.

The workshop will be:
Wednesday, 12/03 at 7:00pm in 4-145 There will be a light dinner served
Please RSVP as the limit is 35 attendees.

Can't attend or got placed on the waitlist? Not to worry, SAFER2 will continue to host workshops once a month either on Bystander Intervention or How to support a survivor. Visit It's On Us, MIT to see what other events are going on.

How To Respond To Disclosures Workshop - 10/29/2014

The Chancellor has just released the results of the survey “community attitudes on sexual assault” and 23% of the women respondents (graduate and undergraduate) admitted to experiencing sexual harassment, rape, assault, or other unwanted sexual behaviors. Furthermore, if the victim confides in anybody, 90% confide in a friend.

The workshop will be:
Wednesday, 10/29 at 7:15pm in PDR 1 and 2 in the student center (3rd floor). There will be dinner served (Cinderella’s) and ice cream (Toscanini’s)


In conjunction with the VPR, we lead PartySafe+ training on the last Tuesday and first Sunday of each month for MIT's fraternities designed to educate fraternity members on how to reduce drug and alochol abuse at parties and sexual assault at parties their house is hosting.

Title IX Working Group - It's on Us Challenge

Representatives from the each of MIT's group working in the area of sexual assault along with other major student entitites like the IFC, UA, and GSC are working with MIT's Title IX investigator, Sarah Rankin to raise awareness of sexual assault at MIT and what MIT students can do to help. Learn more at It's On Us, MIT