Professor, Department of Physics and MIT Kavli Institute, MIT.

Formerly Class of 1956 Career Development Professor.

Formerly Adam J. Burgasser Chair in Astrophysics.

Guggenheim Fellow.

Research & science

Group webpage.

Departmental webpage.

A schedule of upcoming talks and travel.

My research papers.

Recent teaching

F14: Recitations 3 and 4 of 8.022 (electricity and magnetism I).

S14: 8.901 (graduate astrophysics I).

F13: 8.07 (electricity and magnetism II).

Past MIT courses:
      I have taught 8.022 quite a few times (lectures S04, S05; recitations S03, F03, F05, F08; lecture notes here).
           2006 School of Science Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.
           2005 William W. Buechner Teaching Prize.
      I have taught relativity multiple times (undergrad version, 8.033 in F10, F11; and grad version, 8.962 in S06, S07, S08, S09).
      Plus some other courses (e.g., 8.04, 8.971).

Even further back: Once upon a time, I taught freshman physics at Caltech; here are notes from that course.

Contact info

I may seem elusive if you are trying to contact me. This explains why.
Last modified 5 September 2014