Entry Field Instructions


This page describes the fields for Create Purchase Requisition. The fields are listed in the order in which they appear on the form. All fields are required unless otherwise noted. 

General Information


SAPweb automatically fills the Requisitioner field with the userid of the person completing the form, but you can change it when appropriate.

Enter the name of the person for whom the goods or services are being ordered, using the format of a first initial followed by last name, e.g., G.Smith.

The Requisitioner is not necessarily the person creating the requisition or the Goods Recipient.

Deliver To

SAPweb automatically fills this field with the userid of the person completing the form, but you can change it when appropriate.

Enter the name of person who will sign for the goods when delivered, also referred to as the "Goods Recipient." Use the format of a first initial followed by last name, e.g., G.Smith.

Delivery Loc

Enter the MIT address and phone number where the goods will be delivered, using the following format:

In the first field, enter the MIT building and room number of the goods recipient, i.e. the person who will be signing for the delivered goods.

In the second field, after the slash, enter the goods recipient's 7-digit phone number.

For example: E12-808/253-4565

.Desired Vendor

For purchases from external vendors, enter the six-digit vendor code. You may use the Search option outlined below to locate the vendor number for your desired vendor.

To use the Search option, click the Name Search button and enter part of the vendor's name in the field, e.g., "hewlett" for Hewlett Packard.

If your search returns multiple vendor numbers for your vendor, always pick the lowest vendor number.

If your desired vendor does not appear in the list, enter the vendor name, address, fax number, and main phone number in the Item Note field. The Procurement Office will add the vendor to the vendor list.

Requisition Tracking Number

This is an optional field. If you are using SAPweb to enter a requisition from an MIT paper requisition form, or other source document, enter the requisition number listed on the paper form.

Item Text

If you intend to contact the vendor to place the order yourself, click the checkbox. This will ensure that the order is not placed twice.

Item Note

Enter any internal notes and/or vendor justification, if required.

If the requisition total is $10,000 or more, remember to send vendor quotes to the Procurement Office and indicate in the Item Note field that you are sending this backup. Be sure to mark all supporting documentation with the SAP requisition number.

For purchases from internal providers, this field is optional. Vendor justification is not required for internal provider requisitions.

Delivery Text

This field is optional. Enter specific delivery instructions, if necessary. You can also enter any text you would like to have printed on the purchase order.



Detail Information

Short Text

Enter a short description of the item you are purchasing. Include SKU or part number, if applicable.

If you need more space, click the Matchcode down arrow below the field. The "Add More Text" window will appear. Enter the text and click the Done button at the bottom of the window.


Enter the quantity of the item you are ordering.


Enter the unit of measure for this line item.The field defaults to "EA" (each).

For a drop-down list of units of measure, click the Matchcode down arrow next to the field.

Price per Unit

Enter the quoted or catalog price per unit in this field.

Delivery Date

Enter the calendar date you want the goods to be delivered. Use the format: MM/DD/YYYY

For example: 01/08/1999

Material Group

Material groups classify goods by commodity or service type and are used for reporting purposes. For example, desks belong to the material group:
1920 Furniture and Furnishings

To access a list of material groups, click the Matchcode down arrow.

This field will be used by the Procurement Office for reporting. If you are not sure which to choose, pick the material group that most fits. The Procurement Office will review and change it if necessary.


You can distribute the cost of your purchase across as many as three cost objects (MIT accounts). The field defaults to "100" for charging the entire cost to one cost object.

For each cost object, enter the percentage of the cost to be charged to the cost object. Do not enter the "%" percent sign.

Cost Obj

Enter the seven-digit cost object (MIT account) number.

G/L Acct

Enter the G/L account number. G/L account numbers are six-digit numbers in SAP that correspond to the old MIT object codes.

To find G/L Account numbers by G/L account name, click the Matchcode down arrow. Search by part of the name, for example, to find all equipment G/L accounts, enter: equip

To find all G/L Accounts in a list format, see:

List of G/L Accounts


For business or technical help, contact:

business-help@mit.edu (x2-1177)
Procurement Office (x3-7241)
Accounts Payable (x3-2750)


Last modified: November 8, 2001