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Kerberos userid

To get an SAP userid and for web certificates, you need to have a Kerberos userid. This is (usually) the same as your Eudora email account. However, some MIT departments, labs and centers have email systems that do not use the Kerberos protocol. If you work in one of these areas, you may need to get a Kerberos userid to access SAP.

All MIT staff are eligible to receive Kerberos userids. You get a Kerberos userid by registering for an Athena Account.

You can do this two ways.

1. You can contact Athena User Accounts:


N42 1st Floor





2. You can register yourself for an Athena account on the web .



SAP Userid

To get an SAP user profile:


Contact the authorized requestor for your department, usually your Administrative or Fiscal Officer.

If you do not know who the authorized requestor is, look it up on the Authorized Requestors page.


The Authorized Requestor should contact the School or Area Coordinator or send mail to r3-accts@mit.edu to request the SAP userid, including the following information about the user:

  • Name
  • Kerberos Userid
  • Cost Objects (MIT accounts) the user should be able to access (Indicate that user should have purchasing authority on the cost objects)


Web Certificates

You need both a "site certificate" and a "personal certificate" to use NIMBUS. To obtain certificates, see the Information Services web page: Web Certificates at MIT

If you share a computer with someone, be sure to read Sharing a Computer.




You can use SAPweb on any computer (Mac, PC, or Unix) that runs Netscape version 3.01 or higher. As with any application, SAPweb functions more smoothly on more powerful, newer models, such as the Macintosh G3, or a PC with a Pentium processor.

If you are purchasing new hardware, see the MIT Information Services Supported Products page. This page links to the I/S (Information Services) postings of hardware and software that meet the MIT standards.



The only software you need to use SAPweb is the Netscape web browser:


Kerberos userid | SAP userid | Web Certificates | The right Hardware | The right Software



For business or technical help, contact:

business-help@mit.edu (x2-1177)
Procurement Office (x3-7241)
Accounts Payable (x3-2750)


Last modified: November 9, 2001