The NE SASE Regional Conference will be held at MIT on 03.03.2012 at MIT's Stata Center. This year's conference is planned by a team of SASE executive members from MIT, BU, Cornell, and Binghamton. The theme this year is The Next Step: Beyond the Degree . We are currently working on organizing workshops and talks aimed to promote Asian leadership in the corporate world. Our goal for this year's SASE conference is to gather and unite SASE members throughout the country to help SASE expand, and to increase company and professional involvement with SASE locally and nationally. We also want to provide an opportunity for students, leaders and alumni to network during the conference. Please check back often for updates as the date of the conference approaches!

Registration Fee: $10.00
SASE Members: 50% Discount

Tentative Schedule

Registration & Breakfast
Opening & Keynote Speaker:
Professor Iqbal Quadir (Founder of the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship)
Workshops (concurrent):
Supply Chain Management
Facilitator: Kristin Kagetsu
Interested in understanding how supply chains work in the context of a product? Come participate in an interactive game about supply chains and compete with other teams to minimize the cost of holding items in inventory versus building a backlog of orders. Each team member will represent one of the links in the supply chain from factories, to distributors, to wholesalers, and finally retailers.
Learn About Your Leadership Style
Facilitator: Jason McKnight
Come learn about your leadership style!  You will have the chance to fill out the DiSC profile, which is a personality test that helps people understand their strengths and weaknesses as a leader.  You’ll also learn how to use those traits to your advantage and hear why tools like this are used in the workplace.

Lunch & Speaker:
Mr. Amin Radi (Engineering Director, GE Oil and Gas, Downhole Technology Division)
Panels (concurrent):
Asian Professional Organizations
Panelists: Kim Goldberg (Johnson & Johnson) || Eric Liu (P&G) || Elissa Lee (GE) ||
The goal of the panel is to describe the role of Asian Professional Organizations in their companies. We hope to have the panelists address questions about specific industries as well as giving general career advice or how their involvement in the Asian affinity groups has affected their experience at the company. We feel that Asian Professional organizations have a similar mission to SASE and we'd like to hear about how they work and what their role is.
Different Perspectives on Grad School
Panelists: Dr. Barry Kran (New England College of Optometry) || Dr. Yining Zhao (Pfizer) || Bailey Zhao (Grad Student, Binghamton)
Have you ever considered going to graduate school? After four years of hard work it may be difficult to convince yourself to attend. However, graduate school is a good option for those interested in a job that requires an advanced degree and could lead to a higher salary. Graduate school is different in that your degree of study is more focused and more emphasis is placed on writing, research, as well as discussions. For some, graduate school is also a way to make a career change. Come hear firsthand about our panelists’ experiences in the graduate school environment, how it has changed their lives and how it might change yours.
Networking Session
Workshops (concurrent):
The Art of Having Difficult Conversations
Facilitator: Toni Robinson
Ever wonder how to handle negotiating pay or a promotion with an employer? What if you don't like your future position in a company and want to switch to a different department? How about negotiating your work hours, or *gasp* if you could not meet your deadline because the amount of work was too much for the allotted time? Learn how to handle these types of situations and more, as this workshop focuses on the art of conversing with employers about possibly awkward issues.
Facilitator: Dr. Jay Bhatt
In small groups, students from various institutions and academic backgrounds will collaborate to innovate a virtual biomedical application (device, therapeutic, diagnostic, etc). The Bio Imagineering Workshop will be staged as a friendly competition to meet a unique set of parameters within a limited time-frame (objective, functional space, cost, etc). When time is up, each group will present their theoretical product and receive feedback from the experienced panelists. An award will be granted to the idea that offers the most significant advantage with respect to feasibility, efficacy, and criteria fulfillment. In an effort to both understand a problem and deliver a solution as a team (as done in the "real world"), we hope that this workshop will help stir creativity, promote value-driven innovation, develop design thinking skills, and foster effective communication.
TBDSocial Event @ BU

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