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General Information

The Sauer Lab uses biophysical, biochemical, structural, and design strategies to study the mechanisms that intracellular proteases use to select the correct targets and how ATP-dependent proteases catalyze protein denaturation and degradation.


Select Recent Publications

Baytshtok, V., Chen, J., Glynn, S.E., Nager, A.R., Grant, R.A, Baker, T.A. & Sauer, R.T. (2017) Covalently linked HslU hexamers support a probabilistic mechanism that links ATP hydrolysis to protein unfolding and translocationJ. Biol. Chem292, 5695–5704.

Hari, S. & Sauer, R.T. (2016) The AAA+ FtsH protease degrades an ssrA-tagged model protein in the inner membrane of E. coliBiochemistry 55, 5649–5652.

Baytshtok, V., Fei, X., Grant, R.A., Baker, T.A. & Sauer, R.T. (2016) A structurally dynamic region of the HslU intermediate domain controls protein degradation and ATP hydrolysis. Structure 24, 1766–1777.

Alvaro, A.J., Schmitz, K.R., Sello, J.K., Baker, T.A. & Sauer, R.T. (2016) Highly dynamic interactions maintain kinetic stability of the Clp. ACS Chem Biology 11(6) 1552-1560.

Iosefson, O., Olivares, A.O., Baker, T.A. & Sauer, R.T. (2015) Dissection of axial-pore loop function during unfolding and translocation by a AAA+ proteolytic machine. Cell Reports 12, 1032-1041.

Stinson, B.M., Baytshtok, V., Schmitz, K.R., Baker, T.A. & Sauer, R.T. (2015) Subunit asymmetry and roles of conformational switching in the hexameric AAA+ ring of ClpX. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 22, 411–416.

Baytshtok, V., Baker, T.A. & Sauer, R.T. (2015) Assaying the kinetics of protein denaturation catalyzed by AAA+ unfolding machines and proteases. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 112, 5377–5382.

Schmitz, K.R., Carney, D.W., Sello, J.K. & Sauer, R.T. (2014) The crystal structure of M. tuberculosis ClpP1P2 suggests a model for peptidase activation by AAA+ partner binding and substrate delivery. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 111, E4587-4595.

Cordova, J.C, Olivares, A.O., Shin, Y., Stinson, B.M., Calmat, S., Schmitz, K.R., Aubin-Tam, M-E. Baker, T.A., Lang, M.J., & Sauer R.T. (2014) Stochastic but highly coordinated protein unfolding and translocation by the ClpXP proteolytic machine. Cell 158, 647-658.

Kim, S. & Sauer, R.T. (2014) Distinct regulatory mechanisms balance DegP proteolysis to maintain cellular fitness during heat stress. Genes Dev. 28, 902-911.

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Stinson, B.M., Nager, A.R., Glynn, S.E., Schmitz, K.R., Baker, T.A, and Sauer, R.T. (2013) Nucleotide binding and conformational switching in the hexameric ring of a AAA+ machine. Cell 153, 628-639.