Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SaveTFP?

We are a group of students dedicated to doing a little something around campus just for you! We try to reduce the stress that a place like MIT can occasionally cause you, while encouraging healthy social practices, and raising awareness of the resources available to you both on and off campus. The name SaveTFP is a play on IHTFP (If you've never heard IHTFP being tossed around on campus, you will).

What does SaveTFP do?

SaveTFP hosts weekly campus-wide, alcohol-free events on Friday nights around high-risk weekends (where bad decisions are more likely to happen). Our events aim to 1) get you out of your room, 2) get you to socialize, 3) strengthen MIT culture, 4) allow you to relax after a long week of classes and 5) get some food and drink in you before you go out partying. SaveTFP is also in the process of producing new tip books to be distributed during orientation 2010.

Is SaveTFP an anti-alcohol group?

No. Our aim is to increase health awareness and curb dangerous behaviors. We don’t want people to stop drinking. Lots of people drink, including members of SaveTFP, and for some it can be enjoyable when not in excess.

How can I get a shirt?

You’ve probably seen our "Love Your Beaver" shirts around campus. Each year we make a new design and order hundreds of shirts to give out for FREE at our events. So be sure to come by our Friday night events to have fun and pick up a shirt.

Can you do a joint event with us?

We are very open to doing events with other groups! Keep in mind that our events are planned around high-risk weekends and that we cannot collect money from students at on-campus events. Just shoot us an e-mail (savetfp at mit edu) describing your group, the event you’d like to put on, and how collaboration would be mutually beneficial, and we'll discuss it at our weekly meeting, see if it aligns with our mission, and get back to you about it.

Where does the money come from?

Because we are not ASA recognized, we do not receive funding from FinBoard. Instead, we get our money from the Community Development and Substance Abuse Center under the Department of Student Life.

Is SaveTFP run or controlled by MIT administration?

No. We’re a completely student run and governed group. Though we get our funds from the CDSA, we make all of our own decisions concerning what to do with it. We love running our own meetings, planning and working at our own events, and bringing you all the stuff that we hope you love, too.

Does SaveTFP have any affiliation with the group ILTFP?

No. ILTFP is a student group that was formed in the late 90’s in response to controversial administrative decisions.

How can I join SaveTFP?

Apply here! SaveTFP recruits new members at the end of each semester. Keep your eyes open for an email from up—don’t forget to add yourself to our mailing list.

Can I rent SaveTFP's waffle irons?

Of course you can! Fill out this form and shoot and email to