SaveTFP is our name.

 Helping YOU 

DESTRESS and promoting

HEALTHY HABITS is our game.

...that is, besides feeding you ridiculous amounts of free tasty food, entertaining you with Spooky Skate, Love Your Beaver T-shirts, and early evening Friday events to start your weekend off right!

Who are we?
We’re a student group committed to reducing stress and facilitating student social activities while increasing health awareness and curbing dangerous behaviors at MIT.

What do we do?
We host events around high-risk weekends to give students an opportunity to meet others and socialize, get out of their rooms on a Friday night, get some food before partying, and to relax after a long week of classes.

How do you join?
Appy here!
SaveTFP recruits students at the end of the semester. Keep your eyes open for an email from us.

Questions? Comments? Email: