In alphabetical order by last name

SaveTFP is made up of a diverse group of students who are from East and West Campus, Greek Life affiliated and non-affiliated, males and females, drinkers and non-drinking. We are all committed to making MIT a fun and happy community.

Nolan Concannon

He was born and raised in southern New Jersey. He is a junior in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Economics. Enjoys long walks on the beach and spreading copious amounts of newspaper on folding tables.

Anshula Gandhi

Anshula's idea of a good time is watching pre-frat-bros walk barefoot on catwalks covered in Legos. "The smaller the better," she earnestly affirms. "That way there's more pressure per square inch.

Remi Godinez

Remi is the most fabulous human being you will ever meet. Be wary of her aura of awesomeness. Some have been known to spontaneously combust upon contact.

Jacob Higgins

Jacob has a beautiful voice that matches his beautiful hair. He enjoys playing music in basements and trolling on Piazza.

Jinny Lee (Ginny with a "J")

Jinny and her pet unicorn Frances come from the coral studded plains of Atlantis. When asked about her country of origin, she simply responed, "Well, you can't go back home." Jinny is also a master at good ideas. Like spending $200 on a Beyonce cutout. You should ask her for advice some time.

Theresa Lo

Theresa has a bad habit of getting into sushi competitions. Doesn't even like sushi that much, just super competitive. Is a swimmer/swammer but hates water because it makes her hair poofy. Tries to increase her spice tolerance by buying bags of hot cheetos. If you have a cat she'll like you. If you send her cat pictures or cat memes she'll like you. If she strokes you don't be alarmed it just means your jacket looks nice. Tends to fangirl over how hot her friends are. Accidentally says sexual things.

Emanuel Perez

Doctor Who. Soccer. Journaling. Mexican. Glasses. Harry Potter.

Jason Priest

Huge dog fan. Love woofers and fluffums and pooches of ever shape, breed, size, and creed. However, for now, he must content himself to live without a pupper, cuddling instead with Suzanne, his pet Tuft-Eared Red-Bellied Capuchin Monkey.

Elizabeth Rider

elizabeth is a fourth year here at the institvt. her preferred methods of procrastination are making spotify playlists and taking long walks.

Ginny Rosenberger (Jinny with a "G")

Ginny enjoys singing (usually Disney and musical theater songs) and creative writing (science fiction and fantasy are her favorites). She also loves animals (cats!), coffee, laughing at really silly/bad jokes (often made by her), and baking yummy things.

Sara Sime

Can be most often found parading around campus with a cutout of her best pregnant homegirl, Beyonce. Her dream in life is to meet Bob Ross and hear his sweet voice describing the scenery in all manner of bizarre paint colors (alas, Sara is unaware that her dream is in fact, hopeless. But we won't spoil her fun).

Liz Strand

Liz hails from the great state of Michigan. Uses quaint Midwestern lingo such as "pop." Other than that, she enjoys partaking in highly impractical activies, such as wearing lovely white floral dresses to tie-dye events.

Linda Zhang

I like Texas

SaveTFP Alums:

Jasmine Chan ('15), Halla Moore ('15), Xavier Hubbard ('15), Jenny Wu ('14), Kelly Zhang ('14), Chase Lambert ('14), Zachary Barryte ('13), Megan Cherry ('13), Ian Cinnamon ('13), Katerina Paramonova ('13), Lily Tran ('13), Craig Broady ('12), Stephen Brown ('12), Robin Dahan ('12), Rosa Hernandez ('12), Isabella Lubin ('12), Diandra Drago ('11), Pei Lin Ren ('11), Samantha Marquart ('11), Nicole Berdy ('10), Jennifer Buz ('10), Arati Prakash ('10), Ellie Souganidis (’10), Tina Srivastava (’09), Rebecca Smith (’09), Eric Cortez (’08), Steve Kelch (‘08), Matt Cohen (’10), Samiksha Nayak ('10), Sarah Sperry ('09), Zak Fallows (’09), Brett Warne ('08), Chen Liu (’08), Dayan Paez ('08), Debashish Sircar ('08), Devon Roshan ('08), Katrina Saulrieta (’08), Milo Martinez (’08), Nadia Elkordy (’08), Gita Srivastava (’07), Matt Zedler ('07), Melike Yersiz (’07), Rachel Ellman ('07), Andrea Urmanita ('06), Marta Luczynska ('06), Mohamed Haji ('06), Craig Rothman ('05), Jose Barraza ('05) , Rowena Mittal ('05), Martine Lamy ('04)