In alphabetical order by last name

SaveTFP is made up of a diverse group of students who are from East and West Campus, Greek Life affiliated and non-affiliated, males and females, drinkers and non-drinking. We are all committed to making MIT a fun and happy community.

Lia Bogoev

Lia is a junior in Course 4, hailing originally from Bulgaria, who mostly grew up in snowy, dry Northern Utah. She enjoys skiing, fixed gear bikes, weightlifting, making lemon bars, and knitting, piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Jasmine Chan

I like: - eating - laughing - talking - sleeping - baking desserts ...And that's pretty much everything essential to know about me. ^.^

Nolan Concannon

He was born and raised in southern New Jersey. He is a sophomore in Chemical Engineering, and he will likely minor in something business related. He spends his time either reading about a variety of topics (this year's is law and economics), doing puzzles or brainteasers, or checking out the latest popular TV series.

Olly Gilliland

Olly is a renegade geek from across the Atlantic. Born in America but raised in Britain, he likes to think that he has absorbed the best of both cultures. He enjoys fish & chips, bangers & mash, and many other foods that come in pairs. When not busy trying to fish tea out of the harbor, he can be found playing guitar or perhaps juggling anything he can get his hands on.

Helen Hu

Cake! Everybody loves cake! Cakes have layers.

Xavier Hubbard

My life has been a tale that most don't know. Filled with fun and toys, the boy did grow into a man who loves his scope and probe. Making circuits and chips to change the globe. Music, did too, take me to places vast, for in each note there was a story past emotion came to me with each black dot yet in the end music was for me not. Science! that is my true call in the world for each new fact becomes a precious pearl. Would that I had the choice to change my mind Believe that I am quite certain i'll find that this is now the life i'm meant to lead: helping the world be all that it can be.

Catherine Liu

Catherine is a junior in course 6 from Austin, Texas who doesn't know what to put in biographies. Her hobbies include eating, sleeping and watching random TV shows. In her spare time, she also enjoys being a certified MIT pirate.

Halla Moore

I'm Halla. I'm a pirate without a ship, but why should I let that stop me? I like to draw and dance and play the piano. I also like math and geeky stuff. Flowers make me happy; why don't you send me some? ;)

Ben Myers

Ben is a course 18er who loves cooking, music, running, exploring, smiling, and, most of all, doing math. His favorite movie is The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; I have other interests and favorites too. Also, a tin teardrop.

Elizabeth Rider

elizabeth is a second year here at the institvt. her preferred methods of procrastination are making spotify playlists, reading, and taking long walks. she likes root beer and fruit. she probably likes you too.

Whitney Sikes

Whitney is a junior in course 10. She likes books, music, crossword puzzles, and smashed rice krispies treats. She has an unhealthy addiction to diet coke and can most definitely taste the difference between coke and all inferior brands. She is from south Florida.

Katherine Xiao

*insert Bio here*

Lena Yang

Lena is a junior majoring in Course 2A. She aspires to have abs but all the super awesome free food events SaveTFP puts on counteracts the effects. She is a swimmer and a dancer on the side and enjoys running in the rain!

Linda Zhrang

I like Texas

SaveTFP Alums:

Jenny Wu ('14), Kelly Zhang ('14), Chase Lambert ('14), Zachary Barryte ('13), Megan Cherry ('13), Ian Cinnamon ('13), Katerina Paramonova ('13), Lily Tran ('13), Craig Broady ('12), Stephen Brown ('12), Robin Dahan ('12), Rosa Hernandez ('12), Isabella Lubin ('12), Diandra Drago ('11), Pei Lin Ren ('11), Samantha Marquart ('11), Nicole Berdy ('10), Jennifer Buz ('10), Arati Prakash ('10), Ellie Souganidis (’10), Tina Srivastava (’09), Rebecca Smith (’09), Eric Cortez (’08), Steve Kelch (‘08), Matt Cohen (’10), Samiksha Nayak ('10), Sarah Sperry ('09), Zak Fallows (’09), Brett Warne ('08), Chen Liu (’08), Dayan Paez ('08), Debashish Sircar ('08), Devon Roshan ('08), Katrina Saulrieta (’08), Milo Martinez (’08), Nadia Elkordy (’08), Gita Srivastava (’07), Matt Zedler ('07), Melike Yersiz (’07), Rachel Ellman ('07), Andrea Urmanita ('06), Marta Luczynska ('06), Mohamed Haji ('06), Craig Rothman ('05), Jose Barraza ('05) , Rowena Mittal ('05), Martine Lamy ('04)