Society for Biomaterials

Student Chapter
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The goals of student chapters of the Society for Biomaterials are to:
  • encourage the development, dissemination, integration, and utilization of knowledge in biomaterials
  • promote student research and education in biomaterials and related disciplines
  • promote the advancement of biomaterials research and education and its related aspects
  • further the aims and objectives of the Society For Biomaterials as they relate to student research and education
  • identify students' interest in biomaterials
  • generate student and faculty interest and interaction in biomaterials
  • aid the efficiency of students seeking research opportunities
  • September 7th - Fall Social ~ 4 - 6pm Walker Memorial Terrace (Pizza to be Served at 4 and 4:30pm)
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Corporate Resources

Student Resources

  • Biomaterials Education at MIT
  • Biomaterials Research Opportunities at MIT
  • Links to Other Universities Offering Biomaterials
  • Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities
  • Post your Resume on the Web
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