Contact the Officers and Members

 Note: All e-mail addresses listed (as "e-mail: green characters") should be followed by the extension [Unfortunately we were forced to remove all full e-mail addresses due to web crawlers which search web pages in order to generate junk e-mail lists. Thank you for your understanding.]

Co-Chairman: Cathal Kearney (e-mail: ckearney)

Co-Chairman:  Eric Soller (e-mail: soller)

Secretary:  Erica Ueda (e-mail: eueda)

Treasurer: Rahmat Cholas (e-mail: cholas)

 Anyone interested in joining the society should contact Eric Soller (e-mail: soller). Anyone with an interest in biomaterials affiliated with MIT is eligible to join.

 If you have a message which you wish to send to all of the SBM members, please mail the message to the officers and the officers will forward it to the members.