To The Fabric Stores (v2.0beta)

(Contributed by Tibicen)

Boston has a district near to its Chinatown in which are clustered a number of discount fabric stores, all within a 2 block radius.

The nearest T stop is Downtown Crossing, the intersection of the Red and Orange lines. Only one block further is Park Street Station, the intersection of the Red and Green lines.

A note about driving there: Don't.

Directions after the map.

                              The Park
                                             *|  <-- Park St. Sta (R&G)
                                              | <- Winter St.
     Chauncy St.            /                 |* <-- Dtwn Xing. (G&O)
                 \         /    Summer St --> |    /
                  V       /                  *| <--       
                 ,-------'--------------------+-----------  <- Chauncy St.
      |         /                |            |
      |        /                 |       
      |       /                  | X      
      |      /                      \
      |   X /  <-"Winmil Textile"    "Clement Textile"
      |    /
      |   /
      | X/  <-"N. E. Textile"
      | /

How to get to the Boston fabric district

Via Downtown Crossing from the Red Line (will not work for Orange Line):

Upon leaving the train, walk along the platform in the direction of travel of the train until you come to the "Chauncy St." exit. Exit the station; you will be on Chauncy St., by its intersection with Summer Street. Cross Chauncy, and head to the right. The first store, "Fabrics for You" (nee "Slessingers") is on Chauncy St., a couple of stores down, right past the religious paraphenalia store (I'm not kidding).

The next store is "Clement Textile". Continue up Chauncy , and take the next left. The store is halfway down the block on the left. Note that Clement Textile has a publicly accessible basement, which many people miss because the doorway is hidden behind a forest of 60+" upholstery bolts. It's in the back right corner, and is well lit (and not to be confused with the entrance to the back alley).

Next is "Winmil Fabrics". Walk back to Chauncy St., and continue away from the T station. After one block will be a stoplight; cross the street and proceed halfway down the block. Winmil is on the right side of the street.

Next is "New England Textile". It is two doors past Winmil. Note that NE Text. has an accessible back room on the same floor.

Last is "Harrison Textile". Proceed past NEText, and it's halfway down the next block on the right. Note that Chauncy St. forks into Harrison St. This means that trying to get back, you will be faced with a fork in the road - Chauncy Street is to the right, and Harrison continues to the left.

Submitted by Tibicen, January 15, AS XXXI

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