bor.ough \'b*r-(.)o-, 'b*-(.)ro-, -*(-w), -r*(-w)\ n [ME burgh, fr. OE burg fortified town; akin to OHG burg fortified place, OE beorg mountain - more at BARROW] 1a: a medieval fortified group of houses forming a town with special duties and privileges

-- From XWebster

A borough in Carolingia is a geo-political subdivision of the Barony which is based at a University or College.

There are currently boroughs at Boston University (The Borough of Southebank), Brandeis University (The Borough of Fenmere), Harvard University (The Borough of Duncharloch), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (The Borough of Mitgaard), Northeastern University (The Borough of Huntington Greene), Simmons College (The Borough of Greenwood Isle), Tufts University (