Fabrice Schlegel

My PhD research explores combustion modeling for high performance computing (HPC) of turbulent reactive jet flows through the design of a state-of-the-art and massively parallel 3D numerical simulation tool. The resulting code provides us with avenues to explore the physics of these flows and combustion processes, and also helps us develop flow control strategies to improve gas turbine efficiency while minimizing size, noise, and emissions.

My research interests include fluid dynamics, combustion dynamics and control, computational mathematics, vortex dynamics, hybrid Eulerian/Lagrangian methods, optimization problems, high performance computing, and more generally the modeling and simulation of multi-scale and multi-physics flows.

Graduated from MIT with a MS in Mechanical Engineering in June 2007, after completing a first MS at MATMECA Engineering School (Bordeaux 1 University, France), in modelling and scientific computing (My Resume).


Vorticity isosurface of a transverse jet, as well as selected streamlines, showing the recirculation zone behind the jet (with A. F. Ghoniem)

My master thesis includes Simulations of 3-D Vortical Flows, Transport Element Methods and Reacting Flows (Treecode Algorithm).