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Social Activities

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Social Activities

Being in a new place can be intimidating and even make you feel a bit lonely. Perhaps you miss the sports or other activities you did in your home country. You need not feel lonely with the entire MIT community available to you and so eager to help make your experience here a fulfilling one.

If you would like to find a group with whom you share a common interest, MIT has a large number of clubs and groups with every area of interest you can imagine! Some indicate that they are for students, but they welcome all members of the MIT community to join. Other groups are specifically for postdoctoral associates and fellows, or alumni. There is definitely something for everyone. There are groups dedicated to political causes, ethnic and culturally specific clubs, and groups of art enthusiasts. There are sports clubs, from martial arts to badminton, ballroom dancing to cave diving. Other clubs gather people with an interest in computer science and media, theater, musical performance, religious fellowship, and many others. Follow these links and discover a group, activity, club or organization that may be right for you. When you are doing something you really enjoy with others who share your enthusiasm, English language ability and cultural differences can seem less prominent.

If you are the spouse of an MIT scholar, you may not feel comfortable jumping into a group of scholars and/or students, but instead want to meet someone who is having the same experience as you. MIT Spouses & Partners Connect, the Japanese Wives Group, and Significant Others of Sloan are a few groups especially for family members. Being a part of one of these groups or their subgroups such as book group, cooking group, babysitting cooperative, etc. can help you to get integrated into the community and also get to know other spouses and families. Some of these groups offer childcare while you participate in their meetings or activities.

A great way to meet people while improving your English is the Language Conversation Exchange. You will be matched with an English speaker who wishes to also practice your language. Because it is simply two people meeting for a walk, over coffee or a meal, it is a way to practice in an atmosphere of patience and understanding. A wonderful friendship can be formed as part of a language exchange. Of course, there are other language study opportunities as well.

The opportunities to be involved in a group, committee, or club are many. All it takes is one interest to introduce you to a whole new set of friends, the greater MIT community, and to see how Americans do the things you also love to do.

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Last Updated: October 2019

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