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Foreign National Tax Resource and Tax Preparation Software

International Scholars > Taxes > FNTR and Tax Prep Software

Thomson Reuters Foreign National Tax Resource (FNTR)

FNTR contains detailed tax-related information for resident and nonresident taxpayers, as well as tax preparation software for nonresident taxpayers. Massachusetts state tax software is also available.

You may use the “search” box in FNTR to enter your questions. You may also use the “contact” function to ask questions directly to the software company while using FNTR.

Access FNTR (an MIT computer certificate is required)*

*International scholars may access this site using the link above. International students must go to the International Students Office website for more information about the tax software for international students.

Other Programs

There are a variety of tax preparation programs available for individuals who are residents for federal tax purposes, including Turbo Tax, H&R Block, Complete Tax, and many others.


DISCLAIMER: The ISchO is not trained to provide tax advice and therefore disclaims all liability from the misinterpretation or misuse of the Thomson Reuters Foreign National Tax Resource website and software. These resources are offered as a convenience to our scholars.

Last Updated: October 2016

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