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School of Science Giving Opportunites

Much of MIT’s uniqueness—and its great success—rests on the fact that research and education in the sciences are at the core of the Institute. Thus, every undergraduate student at MIT learns the basics of chemistry, mathematics, physics, and molecular biology. The School of Science offers frontier research and educational programs in virtually all areas of contemporary science.

Science at MIT is unbounded. It is as vast as the imaginations of our faculty and students, who continually mandate new academic and research directions for the School. From quarks and gluons to the large scale structure of the universe, from individual neurons to the complex processes involved in language acquisition, from the mathematics of computer science to the fundamental concepts of logic, from the basic chemistry of copper and oxygen to the biochemical processes involved in Alzheimer’s disease … if it matters to the world, it’s being explored and re-defined in the MIT School of Science.

The School of Science seeks funding for several exciting projects, as well as general funds that will support excellence across the board. Among its priorities:

To make an impact on the activities of the School of Science, please investigate those four priority areas, or consider directing your gift to one of the funds listed below.

Dean of Science Discretionary Fund

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Women in Science Fund

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You may also wish to search or browse for other specific giving opportunities within the School of Science or its departments, or make a gift now to any of the School’s initiatives using our secure online giving form.

Or, if you wish to speak to someone about a special gift in support of the School of Science, please contact Elizabeth Chadis , assistant dean for development, at or 617.253.8903.