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Faculty Resources: Leaves for Faculty Members

  • Leaves: Sabaticals

      The purpose of sabbatical leaves is to make it possible for members of the tenured Faculty to take time off from normal academic duties for scholarly research and study. The Institute's plan is based on the normal expectation of a one-half-year leave at full salary, or a full-year leave at half salary, following six years of full-time service as a member of the Faculty. Implementation of this policy in a specific case may be limited by the responsibility of the departments to meet their obligations and the financial resources made available. Years in which faculty members are on leave are not counted in the six years. Years of service beyond the six-year requirement cannot be counted toward qualification for subsequent sabaticals.

      Faculty members must apply to their department heads a reasonable time in advance (normally one year) and describe their proposals for the use of the sabbatical. In considering whether the request for sabbatical leave can be recommended to the dean, department heads must take into account the committments for teaching and research in their departments. The final allocation of sabbaticals is made by the Provost.

      The request form is available at the School's Stellar Locker, to be completed by the Department, approved by the Department Head, and submitted to the Dean, School of Science, 6-131.

  • Leaves: Junior Faculty Research Leaves

      The purpose of the Junior Faculty Research Leave Program is to assist young scholars in their pre-tenure years by providing a concentrated period of time during which they can engage in research to advance their careers. The research leave is a one-semester leave with pay taken during years two to six of the faculty member's probationary period. All tenure track faculty are eligible for the leave. Normally this leave may not be taken during the faculty member's first year of appointment or the last year at MIT. Faculty members who have been given a terminal appointment may not be granted research leave.

      Faculty members should apply to their department head for the research leave. Faculty are expected to consult with their mentors and the department head about the timing of leaves to ensure the best use of the opportunity and to be consistent with the faculty member's teaching and other obligations.

      Request form to be completed by the Department, approved by the Department Head, and submitted to the Dean, School of Science, 6-131.

  • Leaves: Family Leaves

      Faculty members, regardless of gender, who wish to spend the majority of their academic time on the care of and responsibility for a newborn child or a child newly placed with them for adoption or foster care will be released from teaching and administrative duties for one semester at full pay, but they will continue to be expected to fulfill their thesis-advising responsibilities and sustain their research program.

      Institute rules on outsite professional activities for full-time faculty will remain in force for those on such release. Also, it is expected that, normally, they will not increase their usual outside professional activites.

      Faculty members can take advantage of this policy in any term they choose within one year after the arrival of the child. Those seeking such release should notify their department heads in writing that they will spend the majority of their academic time on the care of the child over the period of the release. Such notification must be made as far in advance of the leave as possible (normally one semester's notification is required) so that steps can be taken to cover the faculty member's teaching obligations.

      For policies on tenure and family-care issues, see Section 3.2.1 Extension of Tenure Clock for Childbearing and Section 3.2.2 Part-Time Appointment with Tenure for Family Care.

      For information on unpaid leaves associated with family or medical situations, see Section 7.5.6 Parental Leaves of Absence Without Pay and the MIT Personnel Policy Manual Section 4.5 Leaves Provided Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

      See 7.5 Leaves of Absence and Faculty Teaching Relief for additional information.

      Please address questions to your Department's Administrative Officer or Heather Williams, 6-131, 617-253-8904, heatherg@mit.edu.