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Audrey Buyrn, lakeside in the Sierras, 2007.As long time backpackers in the Sierra and the Rockies, Audrey Buryn ‘58, PhD ‘66 and Alan Phillips ’57, PhD ’61 have seen first-hand the impact humankind has had upon nature in the form of shrinking glaciers and warmer temperatures. They established the Ally of Nature Fund in the School of Science because they seek partners in their quest reverse this unfortunate trend.

One way you can help support a sustainable Earth is by contributing to the Ally of Nature Fund. This fund supports exploratory projects to reduce mankind’s ecological footprint. All gifts to this fund will be matched, up to $500,000—this means that your gift will have twice the impact!

Professor Ron Prinn recieved the first grant from this fund. Prinn, the TEPCO Professor of Atmospheric Science in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, is a long-time leader in the field of climate change quantitative analysis and is a strong advocate for the role of public policy in solving environmental problems. Read Ron Prinn’s recent Science@MIT article: “The Climate Conundrum: Challenging Science, Economics, Technology, and Policy” (links to article, placed under Research Highlights)

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