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School of Science Donor Profiles


Paul F. GlennThe Mysteries of Aging: Paul F. Glenn
In the 1950's Paul Glenn came across the idea that that human lifespan was not fixed, that we might be able to control the aging process. This quest became a lifelong passion. In 2008, Glenn pledged $5 million over five years to establish the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging, directed by Professor Leonard Guarente, a pioneer in the biology of aging.

Paul F. GlennA Great Adrenaline Rush: Paul E. Newton '65, SM '67
Although computers first attracted Paul Newton to MIT as a student; now, nearly 50 years later, it is the human computer-the brain-that captivates Newton and brings him back. "When we know enough about the way the brain works to cure related diseases and perhaps enhance the way we use our brains," Newton says, "that will mean wonders for progress in every field."

Paul F. GlennMaking a Difference... From Ohio to Hollywood to MIT: Thomas F. Peterson Jr. '57
Tom Peterson spent only two years at MIT before he was called home to run the family company-but those four semesters shaped his interests and career for life. Peterson now supports MIT across a range of fields, from cancer research to earth sciences.

Paul F. GlennAlly of Nature: Audrey Buyrn and Alan Phillips
Audrey Buyrn '58, PhD '66 and Alan Phillips '57, PhD '61 have established the Ally of Nature Fund and challenge others to help preserve the biodiversity of the planet.