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"The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: What Happened? Where do we go from Here"
September 28, 2010

Video 1: "Perspectives on the Unfolding Spill: What happened, coping with the oil, evidence of the environmental impacts of the event"

Moderator: Maria Zuber Eric Adams (Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering) – Plumes and mixing
Elizabeth Kujawinski (Associate Scientist, Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry, WHOI) -- Dispersants
Alex Slocum (Professor, Mechanical Engineering) -- Engineering processes for stopping the spill
Jerry Milgram (Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering) -- Oil spill collection

Video 2: "Planning the Response: Establishing the impacts and identifying the parties at risk"

Moderator: Amy Glasmeier Wyman Briggs (Preparedness Specialist, US Coast Guard) – Preparedness and response
Earthea Nance (Assistant Professor, Department of Urban Studies, University of New Orleans)
James Dien Bui (Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation) – Organizing a coalition of fish/seafood harvesters

Video 3: "Moving Ahead: Engineering Challenges of Deep Water Drilling and Future Oil Resource Recovery"

Moderator: Andrew Whittle Nancy Leveson (Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics) -- Reducing accidents in the oil and gas industry
Roland Pellenq (Visiting Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering), -- Materials
Kim Vandiver (Dean for Undergraduate Research & Professor, Mechanical Engineering) -- Drilling and production in deepwater