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School of Science Honors

Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellows

Current MacVicar Fellows
Name Department Year Won
Anette (Peko) Hosoi
Mechanical Engineering 2010
Krishna Rajagopal Physics  
Rajeev J. Ram EECS  
Norvin W. Richards Linguistics  
Vladimir Bulović EECS 2009
Diana Henderson Literature  
Daniel Jackson EECS  
David Jones Program in Science, Technology, and Society  
Tania A. Baker Biology 2008
W. Craig Carter MSE  
Sanjay Sarma Mechanical Engineering  
Stephen Tapscott Literature  
Barton Zwiebach Physics  
Yoel Fink MSE 2007
Jonathan Gruber Economics  
Charles E. Leiserson EECS  
James B. Orlin Sloan School of Management  
David R. Wallace Mechanical Engineering  
Samuel A. Bowring EAPS 2006
Dennis M. Freeman EECS  
Leslie K. Norford Architecture  
Haynes R. Miller Math 2005
Ruth Perry Literature  
David Pesetsky Linguistics and Philosophy  
David L. Darmofal Aeronautics and Astronautics 2004
Jean E. Jackson Anthropology  
David Jerison Math  
Steven B. Leeb EECS  
Anne EC McCants History  
Peter Child Music and Theater Arts 2003
Isabelle de Courtivron Foreign Languages and Literatures  
Jesús A. del Alamo EECS  
Barbara Imperiali Chemistry  
Ian A. Waitz Aeronautics and Astronautics  
Alan H. Guth Physics 2002
Steven R. Hall Aeronautics and Astronautics  
Kip V. Hodges Visiting Professor in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences now at Arizona State University  
Nancy G. Kanwisher BCS  
David Thorburn Literature  
Mary C. Boyce Mechanical Engineering 2001
Anne M. Mayes On Leave from Materials Science and Engineering  
David A. Mindell Program in Science, Technology, and Society  
Heidi M. Nepf Civil Engineering  
Janet Sonenberg Music and Theater Arts  
J. Kim Vandiver Mechanical and Ocean Engineering  
Former MacVicar Fellows
Name Department Year Won
Rohan Abeyaratne Mechanical Engineering 2000
John W. Belcher Physics  
Ernest G. Cravalho Mechanical Engineering  
Dava J. Newman Aeronautics and Astronautics  
Steven Pinker formerly of Brain and Cognitive Sciences now at Harvard University  
Jacquelyn C. Yanch Nuclear Engineering  
Chris A. Kaiser Biology 1999
Alexander H. Slocum Mechanical Engineering  
Lawrence J. Vale Urban Studies and Planning  
Sylvia T. Ceyer Chemistry 1998
Robert L. Jaffe Physics  
John M. Essigmann Chemistry 1997
Lowell E. Lindgren Music and Theater Arts  
Alan V. Oppenheim EECS  
Rick L. Danheiser Chemistry 1996
Michael F. Rubner MSE  
Robert J. Silbey Chemistry  
Wit Busza Physics 1995
Thomas J. Greytak Physics  
Paul A. Lagace Aeronautics and Astronautics  
Margery Resnick Foreign Languages and Literatures  
Donald R. Sadoway MSE  
Arthur Steinberg Anthropology  
Marcus A. Thompson Music and Theater Arts  
Richard P. Binzel EAPS 1994
Gene M. Brown Biology  
Woodie C. Flowers Mechanical Engineering  
Ole S. Madsen Civil and Environmental Engineering  
Thomas J. Allen Sloan School of Management 1993
Monty Krieger Biology  
Charles H. Stewart III Political Science  
Irene Tayler Literature  
James H. Williams, Jr. Mechanical Engineering  
August F. Witt formerly of Materials Science and Engineering (1931-2002)  
Hal Abelson EECS 1992
Edward F. Crawley Aeronautics and Astronautics  
Daniel S. Kemp Chemistry  
Arthur P. Mattuck Math  
John B. Southard EAPS  
Graham C. Walker Biology