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»Благословенно всё, что учит,
Что совершенствует умы:
Оно то радует, то мучит,
Но им вперед ведемся мы.«

This site is at most a footnote, an obscure corner of a lengthy and ponderous world, where one wandering human crawls across a spot of blankness and lays down various arbitrary notes and dreams collected over a few fleeting years. It does not cohere; it does not direct anywhere. It is only what is found within it.


Translations I’ve made of various works: Russian, Serbian, and Croatian epic poetry, Soviet songs, Middle English poetry, etc.

Old Slavonic Texts in Unicode
A corpus of Old Church Slavonic texts, based on the Corpus Cyrillo-Methodianum Helsingiense, in Unicode.

Information about the invented language Mîrkšam; currently, a lexicon, a reference grammar, and a few translated works are available.

Fonts I’ve made or extended.

A collection of quotations.

List of Pharaohs to Dyansty XII
The full royal titulary of each king, as far as it is known, is included. Some conjecture is necessarily involved due to discrepancies between king-lists. The transliteration scheme is idiosyncratic, but it should be easily convertible into a more traditional one using the table at the beginning. Vowels have been inserted in the titularies where information about them could be found.

MyMap Expansion Project
Files for a mod for the grand strategy game For the Glory (essentially a revision of Europa Universalis II) that attempted to adapt AGCEEP events to the MyMap map.

Nothing here. Proceed...

The Author
Some information about the author of most of this material.

The Internet is quite an unstable realm; these links may fade on the morrow or the overmorrow... but they were functional when this page was updated.