The Author (Strahinja Ćirić)

In terms of life philosophy, I am primarily concerned with using rational approaches to maximize the total intelligence, potential, and understanding of the universe and its contents (us included). Consequently, I strive for the general development of increased creativity, curiosity, objectivity, empathy, and metacognition.

On a less abstract level, I enjoy travelling, creative writing, modernist and slipstream literature, calligraphy, caving, drawing, inventing languages and worlds, and exploring places. Academically, I’m presently a major in Course 18C (Mathematics with Computer Science) at MIT, but my interests have tended to range widely, landing in abstract algebra, linguistics, programming, complex systems, philosophy, and astrophysics, with much dabbling in other fields.

Many online mentions of “Strahinja Ćirić” do not correspond to the author of this website, and should not be taken as such without confirmation. Some of my online activities can be found under the names Uzhdarchios or Vorziblix, which are not intended to be aliases for myself, but rather were chosen so that searches for them would not yield extraneous information.

I can be contacted at an email address similar to:

sciric [a|t]

Remove the spaces from the above address and replace [a|t] with the at symbol @ to find the correct address. Send me anything anytime, even if it’s the most brazen nonsense, and I’ll do my best to respond!